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Dr. Abdullah is a renowned Fargo facial plastic surgeon, with a reputation for surgical excellence and unparalleled patient care. You'll be comforted by his warm, personable demeanor, and delighted with his beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Enjoy more self-confidence and a better quality of life with rhinoplasty. A complex surgical procedure, rhinoplasty requires the steady and precise hand of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Abdullah.

Attain Facial Rejuvenation
- Without Surgery

Achieving full facial rejuvenation doesn't require the commitment of surgery. Enjoy a more vibrant facial appearance with our selection of non-surgical treatment options, including injectables, dermal filler products and laser skin treatments.

Nourish & Protect
Your Skin

Dr. Abdullah has harnessed the power of pharmaceutical-grade aloe to expedite healing and encourage optimal post-operative results. He is also the founder and formulator of Lexli, the premier line of professional, aloe-based skincare products.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

Recovery from surgery is one of the most common concerns of Dr. Abdullah’s Midwest rhinoplasty patients. Everyone heals at a different pace, but there are some commonalities of the recovery process. By being as candid as possible about what to expect during this period, Dr. Abdullah is able to prepare his patients for recovery and ensure that they will be more satisfied with the overall experience.

Immediately after Surgery

Immediately following your surgery, you will be escorted to a recovery suite where our team will monitor you for a short period of time. Then, you will be released into the care of a companion, who should escort you home and get you situated in a comfortable position.

Most patients agree that the first 24 hours after surgery are the most difficult of the recovery. During this time, the effects of the anesthesia may wear off and you may start to feel some mild discomfort. This can be alleviated with prescription pain medication or an over-the-counter remedy. Take the medications as directed to reduce pain. If Dr. Abdullah says it is appropriate, apply soft, cold compresses to the face to reduce swelling and pain.

You will also have mild to moderate swelling and bruising, but these side effects will disappear with time. Other common side effects are bleeding and soreness.

You should rest as much as possible, either in bed or on the couch, and keep your head elevated at all times (even while sleeping). Avoid any strenuous movement or blowing your nose, as this could compromise the results of your surgery.

First Few Weeks after Surgery

It’s important to get plenty of rest and relaxation in the week or two following your procedure. Gentle walking is permitted, but bending, straining and lifting are not. Eat light meals and stay hydrated.

Dr. Abdullah will schedule several follow-up appointments to remove your surgical dressings, check your healing progress, answer your questions and clear you to return to work, school and your everyday activities.

Most of the post-operative side effects will disappear within about two weeks. It’s important to avoid any jarring movement (such as jogging) or activity that could result in a blow or trauma to the nose (such as contact sports) for approximately eight weeks. Air travel is not recommended for several weeks after your surgery.

Up to a Year after Surgery

Your rhinoplasty results will start to become visible as the swelling and bruising disappear. However, minor residual swelling may persist for several months up to a year after surgery. You can begin to incorporate your regular exercise or sporting activities as soon as Dr. Abdullah gives you the go-ahead, but be mindful of your healing nose and try to avoid any blunt force or contact.

Risks and Complications

The risk of post-operative rhinoplasty complications is very low; however, any surgical procedure does carry some degree of risk.

Possible risks and complications include:

  • Infection
  • Sudden bleeding
  • Capillary rupture around the nose
  • Loss of skin sensation
  • Improper wound healing
  • Blood clots

The best way to avoid complications is to follow all of Dr. Abdullah’s instructions and to report any sudden pain or bleeding as soon as it occurs.

Questions? Call Dr. Abdullah

If you have questions about rhinoplasty recovery, or would like to schedule an informational consultation with Dr. Abdullah, please call (701) 293-7408, toll free at 800-352-0587, or send an email today.


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