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Dr. Abdullah is a renowned Fargo facial plastic surgeon, with a reputation for surgical excellence and unparalleled patient care. You'll be comforted by his warm, personable demeanor, and delighted with his beautiful, natural-looking results.

A More Attractive &
Confident You

Enjoy more self-confidence and a better quality of life with rhinoplasty. A complex surgical procedure, rhinoplasty requires the steady and precise hand of a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Abdullah.

Attain Facial Rejuvenation
- Without Surgery

Achieving full facial rejuvenation doesn't require the commitment of surgery. Enjoy a more vibrant facial appearance with our selection of non-surgical treatment options, including injectables, dermal filler products and laser skin treatments.

Nourish & Protect
Your Skin

Dr. Abdullah has harnessed the power of pharmaceutical-grade aloe to expedite healing and encourage optimal post-operative results. He is also the founder and formulator of Lexli, the premier line of professional, aloe-based skincare products.

Reconstructive Procedures

Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction is a surgical procedure intended to restore the aesthetic appearance of the face in individuals who have experienced surgery, trauma or anatomic defects.

Scalp Reconstruction

Scalp reconstruction is a surgical procedure intended to restore the aesthetic appearance of the scalp in individuals who have experienced surgery, trauma or anatomic defects.

Of particular concern in scalp reconstruction surgery is proper hair growth. For this reason, tissue expansion is often incorporated into the treatment plan, as new skin tissue that contains the patient’s own hair follicles and, thus, hair growth pattern, is highly beneficial. Alternatively, hair transplants may be conducted.

Skin Cancer and Plastic Surgery

In individuals diagnosed with skin cancer, surgery is often necessary to remove cancerous growths. However, depending upon the amount of tissue removed and its location, this essential surgery may result in an unpleasing physical appearance.

To improve aesthetics and restore function following skin cancer, reconstruction surgery is often conducted. Dr. Abdullah uses a variety of advanced techniques to minimize damage and restore the skin to a natural-looking state.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is a procedure used to “grow” extra skin for use in reconstructing various areas of the body. Through the process, a balloon is inserted under the skin, near the area to be repaired. Over the course of several weeks, or even months, the balloon is injected with a saline solution, which causes the skin to slowly stretch and grow. This new, excess skin is then moved to the desired location.

This technique is often used in breast reconstruction, but is also beneficial in scalp reconstruction and the treatment of burns, trauma and disease.

Scar Revision

Scar revision is, as the name implies, a procedure intended to revise or reduce the appearance of a scar. This type of surgery often results in a dramatic aesthetic improvement. However, it is incapable of eliminating a scar entirely.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip (incomplete formation of the upper lip) and cleft palate (incomplete formation of the roof of the mouth) are common birth defects affecting children worldwide. The two conditions, which may occur individually or together and vary in severity, may cause difficulties with breathing, feeding, speech and hearing. Additionally, cleft lip and/or palate may cause persistent ear infections and dental problems. Thus, children born with these conditions are treated through a series of surgeries to close the separation, beginning as early as 10 weeks of age.

Dr. Abdullah not only conducts cleft lip and palate reconstruction in his practices, but also in the field. He has made several visits to Haiti, where he offers gratis surgery to impoverished children affected by the condition.

Learn More about Our Facial Reconstructive Options

For more information about any of the facial reconstructive procedures that Dr. Abdullah offers in Fargo, please call his practice at (701) 293-7408, toll free at 800-352-0587, or contact his office for a consultation.


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